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I'll be right there by Kyung-Sook Shin

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Submitted by Kristjana Karla Ottesen (Lyrics + Music)

“our memories etched

into hidden pages

in a bookshelf, secretly

looked at once in a while

every time it is read

I realise our lives

were woven, intertwined

when did we stop saying

"I'll be right there"?

broken promises

endless distances

I hope you never hesitate

to say these words

Do love and fear

share the same root

how is love so tragic

yet so good?”

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Submitted by Kozen Abdel Rahman (webtoon)

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Submitted by Janna Palsbo Therkildsen (sculptures)

"The sculpture is combined of four smaller sculptures one for each of what in my interpretation are main characters in the novel “I’ll be right there”. The four sculptures resemble two women and two men that all have a book open where upon a human heart lays. The sculptures are made to both stand alone or combined to one sculpture. The reason for this design is that in my interpretation/review of the novel, the four main characters have their own story to tell, they are alone to walk their own path but at the same time, they strive for content in their togetherness. The books and hearts resembles how the characters pours their thoughts and feelings into writing, be it letters, books or literature. I decided to sculpture actual human hearts instead of the common symbol of a heart, because a human heart is filled with both grim and elated feelings; it symbolizes the complexity of humans. This seemed fitting for the main characters that all battles these somehow contradicting feelings inside them.

Below is a picture of how the sculptures should be combined."

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Submitted by Mariam Bassel El-Sayed (painting)

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